Are you SWAMPED by debt?

Do you feel like you`re drowning in a sea of unpaid bills?

Are you being harassed by bill collectors at your home or at your office?

Are you afraid of losing your home?

If you`re in over your head we can help you breathe easy again.

We`re Louisiana consumer bankruptcy attorneys Elisabeth Harrington & Kirk Myers, and we`ve been helping people like you solve their financial difficulties and move on with their lives since 1992.

We know many of you have lost your jobs and can`t seem to replace them. Some of you have fallen ill or been injured and are now facing staggering medical bills. You`ve experienced cuts in your wages, reduced commissions, gone through painful divorces, and that youngest child put a strain on your budget no one could have anticipated.

For whatever reason, you have found yourself overwhelmed by debt, harassed by bill collectors, and unable to sleep at night.

You need compassion, not judgment.

We can help.

Since 1991, Elisabeth has filed over 5000 bankruptcy cases and has helped thousands more restructure their finances and obligations.

Kirk is the firm`s litigator and has argued many of the nation`s leading bankruptcy cases since 1992.

Together, we form the legal team of Harrington & Myers, a practice that has been exclusively dedicated to helping Southern Louisianans get out of debt for over 20 years.

We serve the Southern Louisiana area through the New Orleans bankruptcy court, with offices in Houma, Metairie and LaPlace and Arabi.